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About NFT

In today’s art world, digital artworks produced with the help of computers and technological equipment as in the case of traditional art techniques such as paintings or sculptures, have been developing rapidly in recent years. Artists have begun to carry their artistic pursuits, which they have been pursuing generations, to digital paths with the developing world. Physically existing artifacts are unique. However, this is not so linear for digital artworks. Because these works, which are stored in computers or cloud storage areas, in digital files, can be easily reproduced and printed endlessly.


The same is not true for artworks converted to NFTs (Non-Fungible Token). The person who purchases an artifact as NFT owns the "original" version of the work. In this way, the unique work will now forever belong to the person who bought it. Thanks to NFT technology, digital artworks can maintain their originality and are transformed into tradable. This technology, which certifies the uniqueness of digital designs and works of art is a revolution in the name of art history. It not only adds great value to art and artists but also globalizes the work and the artist. By enabling artists to meet with art lovers from all over the world, artists who are in search of similar fields cross paths with each other. In order for this technology to develop art, we conduct long-term researches and studies with both myself and our team of original artists.


We want to see real art in NFT and we will continue to support this technology with a lot of confidence. I am happy to be a part of this technology that will reshape the art world in the future.

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