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The huge pile of waste in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, popularly known as the ’Seventh Continent, is one of the world's most significant ecological problems associated with global warming. This growing mass is composed of a pile of plastic, 3.4 million square kilometers in width, weighing 7 million tons. Those human wastes which float in the middle of the ocean, leading to the formation of a new continent, is the main research topic of my project. Each of the waste materials that I used in my study was completely collected from public areas and streets where people use everyday and prepared the backdrop of my abstract composition. By examining the awareness of the audience about the threatthat the world continues to create in a spiritual dimension within the context of the work-viewer, it is presented as a real proof of the universe with the waste materials used.

PNG + IMG_0983.png orj..png

Ruins, 2019,  Assemblage on Canvas, 100x120 cm


Today, even without using any ready material, it is possible to create artworks from the themes we have created based on the ones in our minds. Artworks can be created with motifs from everyday life such as plastic bottles, sachets, food packages, batteries, oil waste. If we do not integrate our standardized ones into the nature, our non-standard wastes will continue to harm our existence. Even though we try to recycle these wastes, they will continue to appear within the ecological balance and their traces will continue intensely for years. Not trying to minimize our carbon footprint to the world will make us to use in the field of art which one of the most inseparable ties of our lives and even though it is hard to tolerate, its sustainability will lead deadlock.


Errorizing The Fight Series


Gard is the expected posture by taking the body position against the attack to be made. Since martial arts have existed, fighters have come together to demonstrate their skills. They plan their attack and defense strategies according to the techniques they have developed. I think that one of the most important strategies is to try to make the other party make mistakes. Fighters manipulate each other from time to time, trying to strain their nervous systems. In short, they try to lower their defense by diverting the attention of the other side. 

Errorizing the Fight 1.jpg

Errorizing the Fight 1, 2019, Digital Manipulation

Errorizing the Fight 2.jpg

Errorizing the Fight 2, 2019, Digital Manipulation

Errorizing the Fight 3.jpg

Errorizing the Fight 3, 2019, Digital Manipulation

Errorizing the Fight 4.jpg

Just like viruses trying to sneak into our computers. Sometimes we don't even notice until we get an image or an error on our screen. They infiltrate our computers unknowingly while browsing untrusted browsers or downloading files whose source we are not sure of. If we don't have enough defense, the stage we face will be inevitable. So what would the error itself look like or look like in the context of these issues?

Errorizing the Fight 4, 2019, Digital Manipulation

Adsız kopyası.jpg

Errorizing the Fight 5, 2019, Digital Manipulation

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